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Date: February 26, 2020
Time: 9:00 am UK Time 
              (10:00 am central Europe time)
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Cellular and IoT  Devices Approvals 

in Australia and  New Zealand

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About The Webinar

In recent years there has been a rapid proliferation of wireless communications devices, especially for the Internet of Things (IoT). As IoT rollout continues to accelerate, the complexity of regulatory approvals, such as Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) are increasing.

Using IoT devices that include wireless and cellular communications (e.g. LTE Cat-M1, NB-IoT) for control and monitoring of everything from factories to farms means that regulatory compliance will involve compliance with ACMA regulations for EMC, Telecommunications, Radiocommunications, Electromagnetic Radiation/SAR and Electrical Safety (both ACMA and ERAC).

Whether you are a supplier or developer of IoT devices, this webinar will cover everything you need to know about RCM compliance of IoT devices, including how to choose and integrate wireless modules to ensure the quickest and cheapest route to market with necessary compliance testing.

The webinar will start at 9:00am UK time on February 26th. If your schedule won’t permit you to attend the live presentation, you can still register and receive a link to the recording that will be sent out later, but you must register no later than February 25th.

Webinar Host

Michael Derby, Senior Regulatory Engineer and Director of ACB Europe

Webinar Presenter

Chris Zombolas, Managing Director of EMC Technologies